Do you think computers belong to the classroom?


Every school principal has their own philosophy. Of course, there are some general rules in every country, and all public institutions need to follow them. But once we adhere to the rules, we can teach in a way we want, in a way we consider the best for the students.

Computers in classes, foreign language education, individual approach to students, inclusion or exclusion of special needs pupils, etc. How would you approach each of these issues?

I suggest you to research about it prior to the interview, trying to find out what they prefer at the school. What is more, you can speak with some students and teachers (if possible). It should help you to understand the way they do things there, if they allow computers in classes, how they approach special needs students,etc. Your answers should correspond with their way of doing things.

A young female teacher is teeaching mathematics. She is smiling and talking to her pupils in front of a blackboard

Sample Answers

We should use the technology to benefit the children.  After all, it makes the learning easier, and more engaging. But it is crucial to set strict rules, and to block them from reaching certain content, such as pornography.

I think that computers do not belong to elementary school. Every child has computer at home, and they spend way too much time playing. I believe children should not have access to computers. Of course, we teachers can, and even should use computers, trying to make the lessons interactive and engaging for the children.


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