Why do you want to teach here, and not somewhere else?


Most job seeker send their applications to various educational institutions, trying to eventually secure at least some interview invitations. Job search is a game of numbers, and it would be naive to think that people submit their application to one school only (unless their uncle works there as a school principal, and they are guaranteed to succeed in their interview).

On the other hand, school principals and other interviewers do not like candidates who wander from one interview to another, knowing nothing about the schools they want to join and bring value to. Summarized and underlined, we ask you this question to see how serious you are about your application with us.


Do your homework – research

Try to learn something about the school, the students, staff, achievements, their  vision and goals, problems and challenges they face.

The information will help you when answering this particular question, and you can benefit from it also later in an interview. It’s school, so you rather do your homework. ūüôā

Three people in an interview, two recruiters and one job candidate

Show respect and recognition

Education administrators are proud of their institution. Successful job candidates know it, and they talk about excellent results of the students, good reputation of the school, excellent management, balanced study programs, etc.

This nearly always works for their favor, and let me tell you why:

When we speak nicely about the school, we in fact speak nicely about people who lead and manage the place.

These people often sit in the interviewing panel. Everyone likes to be praised for their work, so if you find something worthy of a praise, mention it in your answer.

If you find nothing, however (the school is new, or has a bad reputation), you can talk about personal reasons, such as good traffic connection to the place, fitting working environment, having connection with other teachers from the school, etc.


Sample Answers

I have spent a lot of time researching about schools in this district. I found your institution to be the most modern, high quality secondary school, with great reputation. I talked to some parents, people I know personally, and they told me mostly¬† good things about your school, and the teachers who work here. I would be proud to become a member of your team, and that’s why I applied here.

To be honest, I chose your school mainly because of a good location. It’s just ten minutes walk away from my apartment. Living nearby, you can count with me for help even with after-school activities, for example when someone has to leave unexpectedly. What is more, I am local, so I know the people and understand the challenges you face as a school here…


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