What teaching methods do you prefer and why?


Hand shake at the end of a good job interviewDifferent teaching methods are preferred in various countries and schools. When you answer this question, the key is to demonstrate your knowledge of teaching methods. You should stress that you always use a combination and adjust your selection to the actual needs of pupils, lesson and situation in a class.

This shows your flexibility—you do not stick to a single method, just because you like it, or because it is the most convenient one (e.g. lecturing). Oppositely, you show that the pupils’ gain is your biggest concern and that you do everything to make them interested in the subject. Needless to say, interviewers love such job candidates!

Of course, you should not forget on the research you did prior to your interview (or will do :)). If the school specializes on applying some advanced teaching methods, you should mention it in your answer, at least briefly. This shows that you are willing to learn something new and teach according to their rules.


Sample answers

I believe that demonstrating and collaboration are the most effective teaching methods at the elementary and secondary level. It helps to develop the communication skills and teamwork of pupils, what’s an extra benefit of applying it. However, I have experience with all main teaching methods, including explanation, demonstration, learning by teaching, as well as some unorthodox methods, like learning by playing. When I prepare my lesson plans, I always think carefully about it and try to apply the most suitable methods in each lesson. I try to mix it up, so the students experience the unknown and the lessons are not routine.

I can’t say I prefer one method to another. Each method has its benefits and should be used in some situations. In some classes I prefer explaining, especially if pupils struggle with discipline. Then in some other classes, students are more creative, so I prefer collaborating. All in all, I typically try to apply various methods and observe the reactions to get good feedback. After some time I always understand which method works best in a class. I am sure you have some regulations too, so I plan to stick to it too.

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