What value can you bring to our team?


Average teachers adhere to the rules, they teach responsibly, and carry out their daily job without complaining about the students. That’s all they do–and it is not a little, to be honest.

The very best employees, however (and now I do not speak only about teachers) will always do something more. Great teachers and education administrators can make from an average educational institution a special place, and they do so with the value they strive to bring to the school, day in, day out.


Unique selling point

Everyone has their USP–something they can do, but not many others can. Something that makes them special as employees–you have one as well, even though you may not know it yet. Perhaps it still sleeps inside you, your USP, waiting to be discovered….

I was privileged to share staff room with a few exceptional teachers. And I consider myself a great teacher (and school principal) as well. Though I left the school environment many years ago, every single of my students who still recognizes me will stop me on the street to shake my hand. A nice thing when that happens…

Anyway, you will have to figure out the value you can bring to the school. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something unique, or innovative. But it must be something the school can benefit from… And if you could not find it, you can check my eBook for sample answers to this question.

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