Why do you want to teach at our institution, and not somewhere else?


One school building in the USWhat do the recruiters try to find out with this question? It is hard to say. . . . They are not stupid and have experienced the job search from the other side of the table themselves. Nearly every singe job candidate sends many applications to different educational institutions, in hope of getting some interview invitations and landing a job. After all, job search is a game of numbers. More interviews we go to, better the chance of succeeding are.

On the other hand, principals and other high-profile educational officers do not like candidates that wander from interview to interview, without knowing anything about the institutions. If it is your case, it is about the right time to start your research. You should learn a lot about the school, their students, staff, achievements, visions and goals, problems and challenges they face. This information will help you not only when answering this question, but many other times in an interview process. Please, do not underestimate it. It’s school after all, so you should do your homework properly.

Show respect and recognition

Every education administrator is proud on his institution. Therefore, successful job candidates talk about various reasons of preference, such as good results of the students, good reputation of the school, excellent management, balanced study programs, etc. To find out what suits the educational institution of your choice, check their website and other common resources. Speaking positively about school, you in fact speak positively about people working there and people managing it. These are the same people that sit in the interviewing panel. And everyone likes to be praised for good work. . . .

In some cases, there is nothing to praise them for. Regrettably it happens. Then there’s no other option left, you can talk about personal reasons only. Good traffic connection, fitting into the environment, knowing the teachers, etc., are some good reasons to elaborate on in your answer.


Sample Answers

I have spent a lot of time researching about schools in this district. I found your institution to be the most modern, high quality secondary school, with great reputation. I talked to some parents of local children I knew personally, and they told me only good things about your school and teachers working here. Therefore I would be proud to work here and decided to apply.

To be honest, I chose your school mainly because of a good locality. It’s just ten minutes walk from my apartment. Living so close, you can be sure I will be never late for work and can always come in as a last minute replacement if needed. Of course, you have some problems, but which school doesn’t? I believe that I can teach well everywhere and therefore my preference is based only on the locality.

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