Why do you want to become a teacher?


Teacher in an interview answering questions about her resume. We can see the room, the computer, and the interviewer as well.

We try to understand what motivates you to do the job, and your general attitude to teaching, with this question.

Basically what we want to hear is that you care for our institution, and for the education of the students. You can say that you want to lead the children, to be a good role model for them. Or you can say that you believe to have the right personality for the job, or that you enjoy teaching.

On the top of that, you should not connect your job choice with the past, saying that you want to become a teacher because you have studied teaching. Such an answer would indicate an obligation, not a desire. Try to speak with enthusiasm about your teaching mission, and show us that you really want to teach.


Sample Answers

I believe that children need good role models and leaders, in order to create healthy attitudes, opinions and formulas of thinking. Many children come from divorced or incomplete families, and it is not easy for them to find their place in life, their leading figures. They struggle to live well. I want to help them to find their place, and teach them all they need to know to make right decisions. I consider this my mission, and that’s why I decided to pursue teaching career. I can’t imagine doing anything else for living.

I really love being around children. What is more, I can teach well, and I really enjoy doing this job, as far as my experience goes. One should have a job they love. That’s why I decided for elementary teaching.

I always liked to listen to the others, and to teach them. I was an excellent student and I helped fellow pupils with their homework. I actually gave tutorage classes in math, also to people outside of the college. So I know what it means to teach, and I feel I have something to give to the students, and to my future employer.

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