What added value can you bring to our team?


Teacher and a vice principal in a job interviewAdded value. That’s where the difference between regular and exceptional employee lies. Every average teacher can stick to the rules, teach responsibly and simply carry out his daily job quite well. But the very best employees (and now I do not speak about teachers only, but about any position in education) can do something more. These people stand behind every exceptional educational institution or a class, they work at schools that top the charts of all kind…

Logically, people in interviewing panel try to discover such teachers and hire them, although it’s a mammoth task. It can easily happen that there aren’t any exceptional candidates, or said in a more realistic way, there aren’t any any candidates able to convince the recruiters about their unique qualities. Interview is a sales talk after all. It doesn’t matter if you really have this competencies—what matters is if you can convince the recruiters. If it happens in your answer to this question, your chances of landing a job will rise dramatically.

Unique selling point

Everyone of us has some USPs. Something you can do, but few people can. Something the collective of teachers, your students, or the educational institution as a whole, can benefit from. This “thing” differs for every single teacher. I was privileged to share staffroom with few exceptional teachers during my short teaching career. There was a young guy who always smiled. I have never seen him down, negative, or distracted by anything. He loved teaching and anytime he entered the room, he brought in an enormous energy. I wished there were more teachers like him. . . .

Then there was an older lady called Susan. Every Monday she brought a lot of papers and magazines (mostly from the internet) discussing various innovations and newest ideas on teaching. She gave copy to every one in a room, helping all of us to stay ahead of the pack and know what to expect in the future.

And of course, I consider myself an exceptional teacher as well :). Although it is ten years since I left the classroom, there isn’t a single student who would not shout on me on the street to shake my hand. I think I was a pretty good listener and students truly believed in me. I wasn’t only a teacher, I was their friend.

But as to YOUR answers, you need to write it yourself. This is too specific for every teacher, so it makes no sense to progress with sample answers.

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