Please tell us more about your experience with teaching.


teacher carries booksPeople sitting in the interviewing panel have read your resume. They know where you worked before, if you did work. So, why do they ask about your experience again? The goal is to see whether you talk positive, or negative about teaching, your previous colleagues and bosses. They also assess if you idealize this job, or if you see it realistically. And lastly but not last, they want to hear the lessons you learned while teaching.

In every rich country, teachers have a chance to teach before completing their studies. So, whether you taught only in teaching practice, residency program, or just worked as an assistant teacher (not doing much more than sitting and observing the lesson), you have something to talk about. Now it’s time to recall the experience and summarize the lessons. But doesn’t matter how difficult or easy it was, try to focus on positives in your interview answer. The same applies to seasoned teachers. If you have some years of experience under your belt already, speak about it openly and with love. They should not get the feeling that teaching started to bore you.


Sample Answers

I spent one year at Boston Teacher Residency. I taught alongside older professionals. I must say I really enjoyed this experience and learned a lot from older teachers. Every day was different and I felt like understanding each student better, as we progressed in the program. This experience ensured me that teaching was a right choice for my career and now I am motivated to teach alone and put into practice all I learned at BTR and at the college.

I taught at elementary school for three months, during the last year at the college. Firstly it was difficult for me, as I found it hard to cope with the discipline in the classroom. However, after few weeks I found my grounds and learned what worked the best on each student and how to keep the discipline. It was an extraordinary time and to be honest, I still miss the children. However, I hope to teach again and am looking forward to apply all my knowledge and experience in a new job.

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