Do you think computers belong to the class or not? Why do you think so?


teacher at workOther group of questions are so called “opinion interview questions”. Every school has its philosophy when it comes to teaching. Of course, some States have their guidelines and all educational institutions need to follow it. On the other hand, as you know for sure, there is always a place for mixing things up and doing it your way. Computers in classes, foreign language education, individual approach to students, inclusion or exclusion of special needs students, etc. Each school can do it in its own way.

After reading all the previous questions, you should know the right answer. It is once again sticking to the rules they follow. That means doing your research prior to the interview and speaking to some students and teachers too, so you understand their approach to IT, special needs students and to other things. Once you know their philosophy, you should present the same in an interview.

Note: If you do your job search well, these things should matter to you. In an ideal case, you should choose your future employer according to their goals, philosophy and study program. Then answers to opinion interview questions should be natural for you and you should answer it well without any preparation.

Sample Answers

We live in a digital era and it makes no sense to prevent children from using computers in classes. On the other hand, it’s crucial to set strict rules of use and to apply all available mechanisms to ensure they won’t reach undesirable content. This is a challenge we face nowadays and I hope that with my strong IT skills I can help your school to tackle the challenge.

I am a strong believer that computers do not belong at elementary school. Every child has computer at home and they spend too much time playing with it anyway. School should represent a different form of education and therefor I believe children should not have access to computers. Of course, we teachers can use computers to make the lessons interactive and engaging.


What to say at the end?

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